To approach the healing needed under our feet

Orange. Such a vibrant color of autumn… and a symbol of death. It’s good to anchor the beauty and potency of death in this season. Oh, the sunset colors of this one Japanese maple, the fluttering yellow of the birch, the sound of rain on the roof at bedtime, the ripe apples and overripe plums (come pick!)… the big flocks of birds moving together either eating, laying over on their journeys, or prepping… the gentle warmth of the sun — now a friend and precious thing as summer has faded and the cold and the dark are slowly arriving.

I have many brewing pieces to share and yet as my deadline approaches I just don’t have attention to complete more than this. I’m heading to South Africa on a trip of a lifetime — training in Systemic Family Constellation Work, but also to commune with people and creatures, to connect with the birthplace of human beings, to face some of the most atrocious crimes against humanity and to learn how devoted leaders in South Africa are working with this. I will bring this home and am so curious how this will inform my work going forward. I feel such a deep call to approach the healing needed under our feet; of the land and the unburied bones that still sing and resound and move us in ungrieved grief, unsettled movements, bad conscience, a missing sense of belonging… stay tuned — and if you really want fresh-off-the-plane downloads I encourage you to sign up for our next community event on November 4th — a day of Constellation Work that will surely access some new layers for our shared en-light-en-ment.

From the book review I haven’t written I say this: Please read SUN HOUSE by David James Duncan. I will be instigating a book group to read it together as its literally the most important work of fiction/transmission I’ve read in a long time. LMK if this calls to you!

From Tiny Habits: Appreciations — make them, make them a practice, do it even when you are upset with your loved one or child — it changes everything.

Finally, I am back in the office on November 6th and invite you to get your session time with me booked ahead — I’ll be here, well nourished by travel and ready to jump back in with you. Until then, take excellent care. XX

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