Life is big, good, never still

I think the miracle of the summer was the almost-daily encounter with the osprey pair; hunting together, one of them flailing around in the sky with a not-quite-dead rodent, fish, or bird… the other one screaming full volume—cheering I imagine… Or maybe it was the double rainbow my last morning at the coast—literally the biggest, fullest, doublest rainbow I’ve seen-ever! Whoa!

But so much more… the way that in my middle-of-the-night-stirrings I learned to know where the tide was by the volume of the ocean… The way we had the most perfect care and support for PrayerFarm all summer long and then poof, like Mary Poppins the winds carried her onward… The fruit on the trees this year, the most abundant I can remember, on the back of literally zero fruit last summer – there’s the gratitude thing again… Wood stacking, kindling collecting, feeling, fearing and almost ready for the darker days, oh, life is big, good, never still.

More personally, this summer was dreamy, deeply sweet, and demanding in subtle ways, inner ways, heart stretching ways. I am grateful for a summer of gentle weather, the slower schedule and extra time with my swiftly growing daughter, and I am also ready, really ready, to get back to work.

SO, stay tuned and please peruse the upcoming events or consider scheduling a Fall session for yourself – transitional times like this are great times for a touch-in or to dive back in to your inner territory.
I am also offering a free series – I am excited to do this and hope you might share with anyone who has been curious about the work we do and might want a taste…

PS. when you come, bring a basket and plan to come pick some Italian plums or some apples, they should be going strong for the next month or so! xx

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