We are excited to share this incredible land and all its magic with you.

We are learning a lot about community with each person who comes to work, volunteer, or stay here. We have made some mistakes and also have created some life-long friendships through the various configurations of who is on the land with us.  As “owners”, we aim to soften our control, and create balance. We also take our choices and responsibility to this land and community deep in heart as the primary stewards.

We provide respite from city life, work parties, work trades, and participate on platforms such as Workaway.info by providing room and board in exchange for working on the land.


Various guest accommodations from tent platforms to a few indoor rooms allow for varied experiences from solo time to shared living time.

PrayerFarm is sanctuary for both adults and children. At any given time our children, the children of friends, and sometimes foster children, are working and playing on the land. This is a safe space for children to learn and grow and experience community. We have been parenting for over 25 years, we love and care deeply for children, our own and the world’s children.

Please contact us for more information and the most current help needs on the land.