PrayerFarm’s Ethos

  • Each of us is sovereign. We bring unique and valued gifts, skills, and wisdom, and we also bring tendernesses, vulnerabilities and learning needs. As a community, we are in each others’ care and hold our compassionate, honest and potential-filled knowing of each other as central to our choice to be here.
  • We commit to fulfilling our agreed upon contributions, to naming the other contributions we believe we are making, and to exploring the value of our contributions as a community to ensure that our perspective of balance is aligned with the Whole. We do what we say we will do and we account for our accidents, foibles and mis-steps, expecting compassion and grace as long as this is the appropriate response.
  • Each of us is aligned with the purpose of PrayerFarm, including our specific, unfolding reasons for being here, and this purpose and the parameters of our being here are clear (and if it is not, we seek clarification).

Our Mission

We walk one step at a time, fueled by prayers, fueled by the love and vision of those who have come before us known and unknown. We are committed to right action– action-by- action. We believe in the possibility of healing past, present and future by living closer to our Earth. We understand that the land we get to tend and steward, is stolen land, that this damage needs attention and repair. While we do not carry this burden, we do hold it tenderly and with a deep sense of responsibility. The many who came before us, though lost to history, are in our hearts and guide our actions as we listen for their voices in the trees, the soil and on the wind.