On SCALE: being with the broken and tiny beautiful things…

I have been trying to write about the fresh clear-cut in my neighborhood for weeks now. So, at newsletter deadline here I am; I can’t—it’s too big. My body, brain and system are overloaded with sensations I cannot yet organize…know what I mean?

I think you do as we are all brimming with stories of what’s too big for us; layer upon layer of overwhelm, and overload…

How do we be with the impossible scale of intensity and breakdown we are experiencing in these times-especially here, where what might be being born has not yet revealed itself?

Well, this morning, walking the beach picking up tiny treasures, and trash, sometimes not knowing if the thing that caught my eye was treasure or trash…WHOA…revelation.

Scale, this is my word and offering today.
Scale.Today, instead of trying to process one of the somethings in your life that is simply too big, be with something you can fully engage with, experience, and “love”…remember, love is more neutral than we realize.

Here’s an example: Shattered oyster shells smashed and strewn about by hungry birds—so much destruction and brokenness–yet at a scale where I can look, find neutral and also see the beauty and the powerful cycle of life, which includes death. From this place I can bow to death and bow to life in the same movement.

Here, at Beltane, maybe you too are bowing to life and bowing to death in the same movement. May you land in peace and right scale for your heart to stay engaged and your voice to serve what cannot speak for itself.

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