On asking 1st, reactive attachment disorder and changing our lives…

Hello Dear Community,

Windswept and ocean-roar-penetrated, I write from another stunning day of beauty at the coast… in case you have not yet heard, I will be here in Port Orford, Oregon pretty much all summer-from mid-June through August. You are invited to come out, stop by, or to set up an “intensive” with me out here*… my in-person in Ashland offerings will be very limited this summer… AND I am only working 2 days a week (Tuesday and Wednesday) so you’ll want to plan ahead for session time.
I love you and I love my work, and I need to rest and play and create more balance between my work and other aspects of my life. So, for the next few months my offerings are set up to BOTH support my needs AND to support yours– which is such an honor and a joy.


(Right now) sign up for a TUNE UP!
You can get most of your summer support/healing/personal work needs met right here…if you have not joined Tune Up group yet, they are incredible and one of the golden linings of the insanity of what COVID brought to us. These groups are different than individual or couples time of course, but they have a kind of potency I know will serve most of you. I am about depth and efficiency, and I truly believe TUNE UP is the most efficient tool I offer right now… well, and Constellation Work. I am still working on venues and setting up our space to host groups, but I may be offering a weekend out here at the coast in August. Reach out if this interests you and I’ll keep you in the loop as it unfolds. I will also be offering, once PrayerFarm sells, a farewell weekend retreat on the land… hasn’t sold yet so stay tuned there too.

Here are the things I’m contemplating on my long walks in deep sand right now. None of these contemplations are hashed out enough for me to elaborate on so I’ll just share them raw and welcome you own thoughts… or plan a visit and we can walk and contemplate together.

1) What if we asked 1st? What if we did not assume that everything we see and want is ours for the taking? Ok, yes from Amazon to all of our shopping habits, etc, but also, the shells and stones and sticks, the plants and wild foods… what if POOF, we all woke up tomorrow and never took again without asking 1st, and then listening for the honest answer… whoa.
2) There is a DSM diagnosis called Reactive Attachment Disorder, it comes from primary bonding needs being disrupted. Even though I don’t stand for mental health diagnosis being a very helpful tool for human healing or understanding, I keep feeling like we all seem have Reactive Attachment Disorder. The core action of this is as follows; when the deep and tender feelings of connection rise, I react with fear and the take actions to
disrupt the feeling as I’m already anticipating it going away. Isn’t your core bond—with the web of life—with your planet—and possibly with other humans–broken? How to heal from this? Yep, community—and not just humans.
3) 2 Hours a Day—can I, can you, can we all, take this one small step back towards our sanity and wholeness and commit to a minimum of 2 hours a day outside no matter the weather? I think this would change almost everything… and yes, it’s a privileged conversation as there are millions who have no choice about this and suffer as a result. I am not speaking to them I am speaking to myself, and to you—we are privileged.

Ok, enough with the Lexi contemplations.

Big love in these tenderest times dear community.

*Alma’s Way Intensive; come, live and work out here for a day or 3, we’ll do a dive into your personal/family/couples work, maybe a project (we are all about work trades right now) and share food, walks, immerse in livingness and use this wild, powerful, reflective environment for your deep movement…hear the call? Reach out.

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