Letters from Two Lands

Today I am bridging between two lands—just home to Ashland following almost 2 weeks in Port Orford…we named our resident hummingbird, Rosemary, “Rosie” for short—she loves sipping nectar from the little purple rosemary flowers on our sunny south facing deck. We discovered trails and wild places that feel deeply resilient, strong, vital, healthy…wet. We learned to carry all possible gear every time we left the house as very warm and sunny turns to wet and windy in minutes…we planted our first plants—some fragrant vines and some yarrow. We built a few altars and sanctified many nooks and crannies…we found some utterly magical scapes right behind our house including paths and boardwalks through wetlands and to the magical clear-watered Lake Garrison. We discovered we can sprint from the dinner table to the beach in 90 seconds and never miss a sunset.

We had time to get to know the incredible diversity-whoa–so many varieties of trees and shrubs and plants including many edible plants and medicinals…oh glory. The color of the ocean made me cry a few times, and the osprey who showed himself to us, staring right back at us as we ooohed and ahhh’d–what gifts, what abundance, what a blessed existence—even with the ongoing tragedy and horror all around us, there is so much that’s better than just OK. It’s so important to allow for both isn’t it? Kind of like the wild coastal weather—blustering from blue sky to flash storm several times a day; our emotional landscapes and apertures are similarly all-over-the -place…as it should be.

And then home to PrayerFarm–please come up—OH the daffodils, the fruit trees in bloom, the meadows of tiny flowers…so tender, so stunning, so precious…and green and verdant…(and it’s nearly impossible to now accidentally project into dry, smoky months ahead for me these days) so the only place to dwell? The glory of NOW. Yes. The glory of HERE and NOW.

People are gathering and so are we!

Next Systemic Constellation Work event is here at PrayerFarm is May 14th and 15th OBLIGATION: Guidance from the inside out.
We are deeper creatures than we were before COVID aren’t we? Tenderized and moved via the collective trauma of isolation, of fear, of the loneliness we all experienced through these recent hard times…the work is leaping right along with us and will touch you in new ways. Come, take a nice deep drink of community; remember of the power of The Constellation, the power of service as a path of healing and your own potency as a listener to The Fields of Knowing.

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