I am calling you back and deeper in

Oh the daffodils and shooting stars are wildly, wildly in bloom. The view across the valley of the electric green hills, the smell of the violet meadow up by the tipi—have you ever smelled this smell, warm violets on a warm Spring day? Incredible, incredible, incredible.

So the news is that we are staying @PrayerFarm.
We are staying.

Thank you community for claiming your place here, for secretly (and not so secretly) praying us back. As selling never felt right but seemed to be the way Life was taking us, I didn’t know what to pray for; I am not inclined to fighting with the will of The Universe… or whatever makes all the movements happen in the realm of The Mystery. What’s true today is, we are staying. Our work here is evolving and PrayerFarm will continue to be a place of respite, land connection, and deepest soul work for you and for us all AND is also a home to the chop wood and carry water aspects of Life—growing food, tending trees, making medicine, preferably in community.

Gratefully, and for now, the letting go process is over. Hear this — I am calling you back and deeper in… not just to do your work, Constellate, and do ceremony but also to garden, to share in the glory of working together on the land… work parties are back and I hope you will feel called to show up—they tend to be fun, casual, and somehow we get a lot done. Part of what had us feel we could not stay was the overwhelm of what it takes to care for this place—will you join us? I provide food and tools, and tasks, you show up. Want to grow food? Want to get a great work out hauling wood, want to deep clean the sanctuary or paint? All tasks we need help with… happy to offer trade hours for upcoming events.

In joy and a deeper-than-ever call to community. We are still here, come closer dear humans, come closer.

PS. Yes, I have changed my name… yes it is such an Ashland thing to do… laying down my husband’s name was a tender, deep, and necessary movement for me. Through the process it became clear that picking my family name back up did not feel correct either. I love and respect my people, know who I come from and honor this gift, I carry this “name” deep within.
So, Alma. Deeply prayed upon and clearly heard when it finally arose…I am not sure I have fully earned this name yet, but I trust I’ll grow into it. You will see this new name in your inbox, on SM and on my website.

PSS. Cottage, apartment below the sanctuary, and Garden room in the main house are all for rent—if you or someone you know are interested, reach out. Yay for the next epoch of communal living!!!

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