Precious and Simultaneously Not Precious Life

Remember fire season?
Most of us will never complain about too much rain again, so complaining about snow, well, it’s just not right either is it? Yet… well, it is April. It’s snowing again today and it snowed yesterday and its forecast to snow tomorrow…
The hellebores survived being buried under feet and feet of snow, the crocus open in the warmth of the day (well they did 3 days ago—today they are tucked tight in their upright coils…), the daffodils are indicating that they too will come and the buds seem like they might set… truly, this is my first Spring where it all seems so tentative… do you know what I mean?
Is it me? Is it us? Whoa.

And yes I think we are still moving from PrayerFarm and no I am not sure where we will live after summer but YES it will be Ashland and YES there will still be monthly workshops (and yes they will be great even if they are not @PF) and yes you are invited to Port Orford for a summer retreat and YES I am going to start teaching again so why don’t you join us for MATRIXWALK 2023-24?! And finally, yes I changed my name… yes, I love it too.

There is so much goodness coming your way this Spring and Summer and I so hope you will feel a call to come on one of our summer adventures or a workshop (Couples! Teens and Parents! Tune UP!), even to a help Lexi move work party… so much movement, so much to celebrate, and so much to let go of and grieve. Just life–precious and simultaneously not precious–Life.

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