Sing Praises of Life Itself

Today I sing the praises of the unstoppable power of Life itself. There is so much bounty, so much to be right here with; the first poppy… and the tiny wood thrushes nesting and singing their hearts out both in welcome and release of each day. They are tiny beings with so much voice for celebration. Tiny beings like us — how is your voice for celebration? What praises are you singing this day?

Here at PrayerFarm we are so rich in blossom and bud, in green and wet, in scurry and tweet and there’s so much I want you to know — the majesty of the soft purple wisteria woven together with the madrone — her buds so pure and white… and then the bees noisy and constant, busy, busy, buzzy, buzzy, following their impulses to engage and exchange with what is alive, nourishing, and life-giving.

While we emulate bees in our biz and buzz, we have stopped, mostly, emulating them in our own engaging and exchanging with what is alive… so much of our time is spend buzzing among what is not only not alive, but never has been… Even the carrion-eating vulture knows to nourish itself from the forces of what has recently died and has the wisdom to stay away from the things that were never alive. So much of what you touch, wear, and even sometimes eat, was never alive… The result of this is a deadening, or hardening of our forces –depression, anxiety, lethargy, hunger for that missing something. These conditions arise from the way forces are robbed of us via engaging with things that have no forces, no impulse or ability to exchange.

As Life surrounds us in this season, literally reaches towards us, it is a great time to re-commit to how you engage with Life itself. Bow to what amazes you and recognize the miracles that surround us. Maybe lay down your devices, maybe take a listen and look, walk every day no matter what, maybe stop and presence yourself with what’s out your window some minutes each day… there’s so much reaching for our attention, yet we seem to be forgetting to ask the key questions:
What is truly necessary?
What is life giving?
What matters most in this moment, in this one… in this one?
These are worthy inquiries for this busy buzzy season — look at the plants and creatures around you and tune in to what they care about, then emulate, engage, exchange.

If you need a beauty booster or a rest from your worldly cares, come on up — PrayerFarm is a community space and a home for your heart and soul. You can come and biz and buzz on projects with us, sit and watch the grasses move in the breeze, or set up work trade for upcoming MatrixWalk which begins in November…

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