Where the landscape offers its slumbering beauty

Winter blessings and deep courage to you each and all.
Sitting in the darkness, as I do every morning, contemplating what to write here in this holy and tender moment of the year and listening for any whispers the Land herself might offer, these words came.
In listening, Lexi xx
Join us
right here.
Right here
where this landscape
offers its slumbering beauty 
for your pleasure,
where a simple invitation 
to imitate our stillness
and to rest in our rest-scape
is enough action.

Let being be your doing.
Stay long enough
to slough down the tangles of truth
that made you fear the dark,
that entranced you into forgetting
who you are
and where you are.
Do not reach for the light,
rediscover trust,
the stillspace where we wait without waiting.

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