Balancing the Sacred and the Profane

If you’ve been up here lately you might have been horrified by the stench of rot and death. Many corners of the land are nauseatingly strong with the life-death cycle. Our local cougar has been on a spree taking down deer and our dogs have been the clean-up and roll-in-it crew.
The laugh out loud image of Magpie proudly carrying around a deer leg as if she single-handedly predated upon it—well, enjoy.

Always balancing the sacred and the profane around here.
On that note, we are in wild flux of landing our new residents… we are pushing our own edges with the idea of PrayerFarm becoming a more long-term home for several other families, with themes of shelter and community, sharing in the labor, and the land-healing work with a bigger community. We will be beginning BIODYNAMIC work up here this fall – we invite and encourage you to join us for these fun, demanding, and powerful ceremonies intended to heal and re-weave humans and all the other beings, including the land itself… amazing results across the planet, stay tuned.

Alas, as the dying of our collective sense of “normal” continues, as so much needs our attention and grief, as the reminder that we are so out of balance no longer shrouds itself from our daily sensory experiences, well, here we are.

Do not look away.
Do not look so hard you forget that there is always heart wrenching beauty right alongside the horror. Come on up, see for yourself.
Our next open Constellation Day is Saturday, October 8th —it will be a beautiful day, there will be healing (and probably some horror) and a deepening of our hearts and our care for each other and the world. You are welcome.

PS Local peeps: what’s up with the huge web/nests all over our madrone trees? What is this, where is it coming from and what is making these killing webs? (Please tell me if you know…)

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