Time Leaps From Summer To Spring So Quickly

It’s Green O’Clock here at PrayerFarm. How do we have so few words for green? 

Though it’s been 9 months and the “crisis” is less front and center, our community is still so deeply struck by the fear and trauma of fire season and we remember that time leaps from Spring to Summer so quickly …and the sense of wanting to flee, and the sense of not knowing where to go, or with whom…so “UP” for so many. Here we are.

What’s “UP” for me along with all of that is that my speed button has been downgraded and my trajectory is now checked by a series of speed bumps…I am dropping balls and letting them lie like crazy. 

PrayerFarm is only planning to farm prayers this year; we let go of pigs, we may not even raise lambs this season, and I have ordered zero seeds for planting, I don’t even have it in me to welcome the next series of workaway guests—it all takes so much output. While it is my sincere belief that community, collaboration, and sustainability is the way forward, and that the time is now, creating this way forward is a lot of deep, grueling, work and it seems that taking a break may be the next honest step. 

This season my body longs for quiet and still; for time to write, time to chew that small tender white part at the bottom of a blade of grass, time to lay my head on a hot dog body and watch clouds, time to have profound and important and non-sensical wisdom conversations with my child and her friends…

It is wildly quiet, messy and unkempt up here and it shall stay that way until further notice. That said, it hasn’t swallowed anyone alive yet- so come on up, you are always welcome to walk and enjoy what is here. Not farming more than prayers is also allowing me relief from the constant push and pull between family, work and farming and I am grateful to only need to juggle family and work for some time—please check out events–there are some exciting offerings including some in-person offerings, set up to be COVID appropriate, but it feels very much time to get us back into each others’ presence—hope to see you soon.


lexi delgado

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