Greetings from the snowiest season yet here at PrayerFarm

Skiing straight out the door, barreling down our wicked fun sledding trails, cozying up with good books, good food, good company–what a season of beauty and blessing…and, still so much is painfully vulnerable and tender–life keeps speaking, we keep listening, stumbling, fumbling, shifting timelines, revising plans…yep, revising. Moving, not moving, selling, not selling, staying going, both…

We are all humbling ourselves to the wobbliness of the compass, the rapid shifts in perspective that seem to be part of this strange, wonderful, confusing, new phase we are in together. Whoa.

So, my word of the year: REVISION.

It’s time to re-vise our lives, our world; yes yes let’s en-vision…but we must also attend to all that stands at our backs; we need to reveiw our edits (anything we want to take back?), remember pieces that got buried (what’s been composted or metabolized and is ready to nourish, now?), reclaim truth, wealth, power that got lost (we are so confused in all of these places but day by day the veils are lifting)…and make way for what is calling us forward…

Ideas, ideals, beliefs, expectations, assumptions…all up for…RE-VISION.

I am offering an absurd number of opportunities in support of your revision work—all beginning this month.

Let’s start 2022, in community and in depth and in connection.

Local or distant, there’s something here for you:

TUNE UP is back with 3 small group options in-formation

–3 month on-line Friday Night Constellation group starts end of January

–And our annual New Year’s Revolution event is happening on Jan. 22nd (with increased covid precautions in place).  

It is time for gathering, however we can, in our safe and potent, loving and ever-en-lightening community…

Together IS the way forward.

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