Deeply Feeling the Dark Season

Deeply Feeling the Dark Season

Hello Dear Community,

WHOA! I am already deeply feeling the dark season this year. Maybe stepping out of season’s honest flow and missing Fall has something to do with it. If you missed it, I spent over 6 weeks in Nicaragua this fall prioritizing yoga, swimming, sunsets, play and pleasure in a truly and deeply wild place*. As a result, I am back and seriously recharged. I’m also more connected with the celebration of Solstice than ever before—here we are still approaching the darkest time–yet already the darkness feels so big, deep, encompassing…do you know what I mean?

Here at PrayerFarm, living mostly above the fog, it’s amazing to watch it rise and fall, occasionally obscure the sun up here, then drift away again. The dance back and forth between darkness/obscuration and light is such a potent offering here in our valley, here in the dark season. In town the other early twilight time of day, it was actually frightening how the fog and the rising darkness mingled…but the thing is this, we are built for this time and this is the time of year we must attend to the dark…

Honor the darkness AND look for the light, be the light, choose love.

That’s all.

Nothing much and everything wrapped into cliché words you’ve heard all of your life—my challenge to myself and offering to you—let’s really do this, let’s really, every day, with all of the discipline, love for our world, and fierce care we can muster…generously give and receive love, shine our light, bow to the darkness without losing faith that the light always returns.

I hope you seek and find sweetness as you slow down and turn inside.

I hope the call to community will bring you into the clear and loving container we create together here at School of the New Work.

Please take some minutes to look and feel what calls—this season’s offerings are rising out of the stillness and wildness I gave myself this fall and I am excited about everything coming up—please join me, join us.

We need each other, and while this pandemic continues to impact our lives, I have added a protocol for groups that should increase your sense of safety to participate and I also have a 3-month online group offering—we all prefer to be together in person, but AMAZING things happen online. I look forward to connecting with you soon. XX

*I am inviting you to join me in Nicaragua August of 2022, for your own dose of WILD, for your own opportunity to deep dive into yourself from away… Yay! A field trip with me and this amazing learning community. See offerings in Newsletter—if you hear the call, join us!

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