Finding the walk towards peace

Most mornings when I’m at the coast I take a morning walk and little treasures pop out at me, some of them ask to be picked up, some just observed. It truly feels like the objects are reaching towards me and that childlike wash of delight happens and on I go.
Yesterday I watched myself shift about half way through my walk from a finder, to a seeker.
When objects pop out, offer themselves up, I am finding, but when longing for more, or maybe simple greed rises, I have moved into seeker. This landed strongly in me as kind of the thing for us all; finding is magical, it is cooperative, it is righteous. The inquiry I’m with right now is, is seeking, often used in spiritual or new age circles as a compliment, is it really a positive? Is seeking – spiritual growth, emotional growth, or another agate
any different than the pull of capitalism and consumerism in our current culture?

I’m not sure. What I am sure of is that the attention of delight, of finding feels more embedded in faith and receptivity. I think this is the way I want to keep walking. Trusting that I find what I find, that if I keep walking what I need will arise? Yes, this is good way forward.

Looking for more, wanting more, well, it feels like the very thing we are all trying to work with in ourselves and together. What’s right here is usually enough, training our brains and bodies into contentment while being receptive to the occasional miracle offering itself to us, this seems like the way to peace.
Still, walk by walk, finding the walk towards peace.

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