The Stirrings Have Begun

We can’t see the not-yet-green plant beings, or the tender buds… but outside of sight and outside of proof, there is movement. Though it is all still underground, the stirrings have begun… can you feel this? The livingness within and without is still dormant to the eye but something, something, is afoot and our own movements are reflecting this. The deep rest of winter is en-lightening, the darkness is clarifying–while you still may not know what to do, where you are going, or what is arising through the dark, something is… this is a time to be patient, to stay slow—but not so slow that you hinder the momentum that is begun.

It is a life’s work just to submit to Life’s rhythms, to allow the pace and speed of Nature to guide our human movements isn’t it? We humans tend towards the extremes of impatience or resistance. Nature follows the invisible and honors a cohesion via interconnectedness that humans have mostly forgotten. Some buds are not meant to fruit; maybe that’s what we are doing, following some other collective wisdom or guidance perfectly balanced in our impatience and resistance – each of us playing our part.

The release of PrayerFarm continues to be messy, complicated, and filled with unpredictablenesses that has required, sometimes via temper tantrums, our steady attention and care. We are building new levels of trust–not that we are doing the “right” thing– but rather, that the insanity of the movements will cohere into something that makes sense.
Trusting that chaos leads to order… some day.

Just practicing letting go of something so dear feels like the hardest undertaking. We are watching our desire for pieces out of our control to be in place before we fully let go—which isn’t really letting go and allowing The Mystery it’s due…so, today, witnessing my own bloody fingers clinging to the branch…will I let go? Will the branch snap? Will a rescue boat come?
We’ll see.

*Please note that our move date has shifted so I have been able to add a few more Spring offerings—a March event at PrayerFarm and 2 events on Grizzly Peak in April and May—see you soon I hope! xx

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