Puppies, Prayers and Peace…

This month I bow to the power of puppies to delight, refocus, and temper the intensity of life—present moment therapy via the nip and frolic of small beasts deeply devoted to learning and experiencing everything Life has to offer is such a gift.

PrayerFarm is at its ugliest, dry and brittle, unkempt and oh the thirst the thirst…but also oh the fruit the fruit, and argh the bears the bears…whoa even at its ugliest, it’s exciting.

AS we mentioned last month, big changes happening up here; we are working with the tender ending of our time as stewards of this magical place. We are actively seeking the next stewards for this amazing palette of possibility for community, sustainability, new ways of living and sharing…if you are them or know them, please send them our way.

Wishing you health and strength from PrayerFarm…oh, and Peace.

Peace feels so distant in the outer world and of course, it begins right here—that proverbial inside job cliche…

And really, how do you find peace?

How do you participate in the creation, uprising, prayer of peace?         

If you are seeking a way to steady your ship and steer towards peace which seems almost impossible in these high seas, please consider joining us for Wake Up Calls on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and if you can’t join at those times, recordings  land in your mailbox so you can “join” on your own time…I also send out a weekly recording (soon to be a podcast) called Going Deeper which speaks to what’s up in The Knowing Fields and supports your contemplative practice…there’s a Going Deeper recording included in this newsletter and there are several free recordings of Wake Up Calls on my website LINK so you can feel if its right for you.

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