Grieving the Waters.

Our stunning view of an empty lake, a daily reminder of the drought. Our sacred neighborhood swimming hole evaporating right before our eyes as the abundant creek that has fed it for all these years has dried up. On a recent trip to Northern California, the dry river beds, severe algae blooms, a few rivers just not making it to the sea and a highway falling into the sea that hellbent humans keep repairing and girding up… Yesterday, kayaking the Klamath river for the 1st time in 10 years and seeing and feeling the toxic froth and foam, the shallow places, the reduction in wildlife was almost too much to bear, almost…

Humans, what have we done? And right here, right now, what are we doing? 

If seeing is believing, it’s time to believe, it’s time to take off the clinging to status quo, “it’s not that bad” or the “whoa don’t be so negative” lenses here. Look around, see the beauty, see the blessings, and please, see everything else too.

What happens when the ocean dies and all the wells run dry? These wonderings have stopped being far off potentialities and are closer than ever…and I am here to ask, via my shocking words, that you begin to or continue to accept and grieve the reality of where we are…and act–small things add up, do what you can, face what you can’t and please, do not turn away. 

Your children’s, our children’s home is in danger, it really is, it really is, it is time to end the illusion delusion, to stop the reality creation game, here on earth here in body, we need to speak, we need to make the changes, we need to break the trance of comfort—it is killing me, it is killing you and it will kill our children. It really will.

In this writing I always share the glories and joys of PrayerFarm, but usually higher up in my rants– I thought I’d just go for it this month and if you are still here, here is some good news…WHOA! We have a fox family with 3 kits and twin bear cubs meandering about-yep, keeping our distance. The berry garden is full of every imaginable berry and my favorite wild berry, the salmon berry, is almost ripe. Our guardian animal Sasha, Luna’s daughter, will be giving birth within the next 2 weeks-oh the impending joy of puppies!  And the echinacea, lilies, and butterfly bush are in glorious bloom, the scent of blooming jasmine wafting all over the property…so much life and beauty to bow to.  Through my fear and my tears, practicing seeing, celebrating and being linked to what is alive and well and right here remains an important and necessary practice—in order to do, we have to be. In order to grieve and look at what is squarely, we must also see and stay close to beauty and what we cherish. Make time to look at the hard stuff, take time to enjoy what remains utterly wonderful.

I love you, I love humanity, I love our beautiful world and even if we are going down, and even if we aren’t, do what you can and a little bit more, take what you need and a little bit less…it could change everything.


lexi delgado

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