Howler monkey walking on brick wall with green forest in the background

21 Days Is The Time It Takes To Break A Bad Habit

Twenty one days is the time it takes to break a bad habit. Instead of breaking bad habits (other than being an over-busy human like most folks), I created habits of living fully within the natural rhythms of day and night. Now the question is, how do I maintain my good habits?

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Take A Slow March

Right this minute the violets and daffodils are rising through their greenness, the piglets are frolicking and finding their own way in the barnyard and the promise of Spring rises with the sun each day. March is the trickster month around here; from snow to sunbathing naked, buds preparing to open then freezing temps—predictability and coherence (like the kind we hopefully had in our winter rhythms) is not the gift of Spring. As in Autumn our souls prepared for the darkness and stillness of Winter, so now our souls prepare for chaos and action of Summer…but first, connection dear people, first connection.

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